Technology & Living


Technology and Living (T & L)


Aims and Objectives

  • To be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and a balanced diet, to personal development

  • To understand the principles and skills of food preparing and processing

  • To identify the characteristics, care and suitability of different fabrics

  • To appreciate the functional and aesthetic aspects of a design 

  • To participate actively and responsibly as individuals and family members

  • To promote and maintain harmonious relationships in the family

  • To manage time, human and physical resources to make a quality home

  • To take actions in conserving resources


Curriculum Outlines:

  • Food and Nutrition

  • Food Preparation and Processing

  • Fabric and Clothing Construction

  • Fashion and Dress Sense

  • Family Living

  • Home Management and Technology




Ms Cheung Shuk Wah

Ms Chan Suet Hung


Department Activities: 

Home Economics Club

Floral Arrangement Club

Competitions related to the subject