Aims and Objectives:


The assessment objectives of Chemistry are to evaluate the abilities of candidates to: 

1. recall and show understanding of chemical facts, patterns, principles, terminology and conventions;

 2. show an understanding of the use of apparatus and materials in performing experiments; 

3. handle materials, manipulate apparatus, carry out experiments safely and make accurate observations; 

4. demonstrate an understanding of the method used in chemical investigation; 

5. analyse and interpret data from various sources, and draw relevant conclusions; 

6. manipulate and translate chemical data and to perform calculations;

7. apply chemical knowledge to explain observations and to solve problems which may involve unfamiliar situations; 

8. select and organise scientific information from appropriate sources and to communicate this information in an appropriate and logical manner; 

9. understand and evaluate the social, economic, environmental and technological implications of the applications of chemistry; and 

10. make decisions based on the examination of evidence and arguments.


Curriculum Outlines:



School-base handout

Topic 2

Book 1B Microscopic world I


Topic 1

Book 1A Planet Earth

Topic 3

Book 1C Metals

Topic 4

Book 2A Acids and Bases

Topic 5

Book 2B Redox reactions, Chemical cells and Electrolysis


Topic 6

Book 2C Microscopic world II

Topic 7

Book 3A Fossil Fuels and Carbon Compounds

Topic 8

Book 3B Chemistry of Carbon Compounds

Topic 9

Book 3C Chemical Reactions and Energy

Topic 10

Book 4A Rate of Reactions

Topic 11

Book 4B Chemical Equilibrium

Topic 12

Book 5 Patterns in the Chemical World


Topic 13

Industrial Chemistry

Topic 15

Analytical Chemistry



Subject Teachers: CKY YYS      Laboratory Technician: SWY



Chemistry Curriculum and Assessment Guide


2024 HKDSE Chemistry Assessment Framework