Aims and Objectives

  • To extend the ways in which students respond to music and to encourage students’ sensitivity through listening, performing and creating.

  • To foster the ability of appreciation of students to different styles of music and to build their aesthetic sensitivity and critical mind in judging different music genres and performances.

  • To provide chances for students to learn musical instruments as well as develop students’ potentials by participating in competitions so as to guide them developing a lifelong interest in music from various styles and to prepare them for their career planning


Curriculum Outlines:


General Music lesson


Form 1

  • Western Music

  • Keyboard playing


Form 2 

  • Chinese Music

  • Melody Writing


Form 3 

  • World Music and Pop Song

  • Chord and Accompaniment Writing


Form 4

  • Music in different performance Art

  • Music Production


Music for all programme (Form 1)

  • A wide range of instrumental classes for students to learn instruments continuously and practise constantly. Students enhance their instrumental techniques through the guidance of professional instructors.



Ms. Ho Miu Chi


Department Activities:


Inter-house music festival

  • The event was planned for students and teachers to show their talent in singing and playing instruments through live performance on stage. 



Music Teams:

6 music performance teams were well developed. Students are confidence and enjoy showing their musical abilities through performances, competitions and exchange programme which held both inside and outside school. The school continue to show great support to students for showing their full potential in various platforms.

  • Symphonic Band

  • Chinese Ensemble

  • String Ensemble

  • Recorder Band

  • Handbell and Handchimes team

  • School Choir


Outside school competition:

  • Symphonic Band competition by Music Office

  • Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival

  • Hong Kong Schools Music festival

  • HK Joint school music competition

  • Handbell Olympics

  • HK Schools Handbell Competition

  • Other individuals Music event