Aims and Objectives:


Science is closely related to human activities. Science thrives on curiosity, scepticism and openness. Science fosters curiosity. It allows students to ask relevant questions, to formulate hypotheses, to make a plan, to predict outcomes, to do experiments, to explain results, to draw conclusions and suggest ideas for improvement. These can help students to develop a balance between scepticism and openness.


Curriculum Outlines:

-Nurturing students’ interest in science and related disciplines 

- Emphasising students’ development of scientific thinking and problem solving skills 

- Strengthening students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills (including hands-on skills)

- Fostering students’ sense of making informed judgements based on scientific evidence 

- Nurturing students to become self-directed learners of science 

- Embracing students with different needs and aspirations




Fan Siu Fung , Law Man Wai, Cheung Chi Wa, Chan Koon Yue, Wilson, Chow Pui Yee, Poon Wing Hang, Yeung Ming Ho, Yuen Yiu Shing


Department Activities:

VR will be adopted in F.1 to F.3 content.

Junior Science Online Self-learning Scheme

Science showbit