Aims and Objectives:


The aims of the Economics curriculum are to enable students to: 

(a) develop an interest in exploring human behaviour and social issues through an economic perspective; 

(b) understand the world in which they live through mastery of basic economic knowledge; 

(c) enhance their general intellectual capacity for life-long learning, through developing their capacities in economic analysis, so that they possess the skills necessary for reasoning about issues and making rational choices; and 

(d) participate as informed and responsible citizens in the decision-making processes of a modern democratic society.


Curriculum Outlines:

Compulsory Part:




Elective Part:

  1. Monopoly Pricing and Anti-competitive Behaviours and Competition Policy

  2. Extension of Trade Theory; Economic Growth and Development

Head of Panel:

Chan Wai Kit (CWK)


Leung Ka Tung (LKG), Leung Chun Ho (LCO)

Other resources: