Aims and Objectives:

What is Geography?


Geography is the study of the people-environment interrelationship from a spatial perspective.




Students are expected to develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • changing development of geographical phenomena and issues in terms of space and time

  • the issues arising from people-environment interactions and the human responses to such issues and the implications of these human responses for resource management

  • the characteristics and functioning of major natural environments through analysing the processes and interactions within and between them

  • the characteristics and development of major human activities in order to achieve a sense of “region”



Students are expected to develop:

  • geographical enquiry skills

  • generic skills of communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity



Students are expected to develop values and attitudes that will enable them to:

  • have a sense of wonder and curiosity about peoples, places and environments

  • show respect for all peoples and their cultures, values and ways of life

  • recognise environmental problems and take appropriate action to promote sustainable development

  • cultivate a sense of belonging to society and the nation and become active and responsible citizens

  • be aware of the increasing global interdependence of peoples and nations and appreciate the importance of international solidarity and cooperation


Curriculum Outlines:

The curriculum comprises a compulsory part, an elective part and fieldwork:


Compulsory part (7 geographical issues and problems structured around three major themes): 

  • Living with our physical environment

  • Facing changes in the human environment

  • Confronting global challenges


Elective part (2 out of 4 electives):

  • Dynamic Earth: the building of Hong Kong

  • Regional Study of Zhujiang (Pearl River) Delta





Mr Kwan Lap Sun



Mr Hung Hin Lung

Mr Lai Chong

Ms Leung Sum Yu


Department Activities:

How to learn Geography?

Learning Geography Everywhere

Name of the activity (Organizer)

  1. School talk

  • Fishing industry in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Bird Watching Society)

  • Geology of Hong Kong (HK Traveler)

  • Kwu Tung North and Fanling North New Development Area (Planning Department)

  • Ecology (Tzu Chi Environmental Action Center)

  1. Visit 

  • Hong Kong Wetland Park Guided Tour (Hong Kong Youth Counselling Association)

  1. Programme

  • Planning Department Outreach Programme (Planning Department)

  • Sustainable development project (The Education University of Hong Kong)

  • Urban Plan experiential learning workshop (Urban Land Institute)

  1. E-learning project (students will submit their project on April)

  • S3: Designing a game/ Producing a video 

  • S4: Designing a virtual field trip 

  • S5: Designing a sustainable city 


Useful websites for planning and preparation before the fieldwork:


1. Hong Kong Observatory 


2. Google Map,114.1277,11z?hl=zh-TW 


3. Google Earth,114.29050923,-0.18869892a,1444.55741582d,35y,34.38471426h,59.99999106t,0r 


4. Town Planning Board Statutory Planning Portal 2


5. Education Bureau_ Geography learning and teaching resources