Aims and Objectives

-To provide students with opportunities for extending knowledge and experience of the cultures of  other people, including opportunities for further studies, pleasure, and work in the English medium. 

- To enable students to be prepared for the changing social-economic demands resulting from advancement in information technology, including the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study or work in the English medium.


Curriculum Outlines:

The teaching and learning materials are designed and organized under the following general areas:

i. Forms and Functions

-Text types

- Vocabulary

- Communicative Functions

- Language Items

ii. Skills and Strategies

-  Listening

-  Speaking

-  Reading

-  Writing

- Language Development Strategies

iii. Attitudes

-  An awareness of the potential influences of language use on other people’s feelings and direction of thinking.

-  A critical attitude towards the ideas and values in spoken and written English.



Ms Lau Shui Sun

Ms Lee Nga Fan

Ms Chau Nga Wing

Mr Cheung Ka Ho

Ms Cheung Suk Yee

Ms Ho On Ki

Ms Mak Yuet Ngor

Ms Mok Wai Hing

Mr Ngai Yat Kwo

Ms Po Wing Sum

Mr Sitar, Corey Allan

Ms Yeung Suet Yan


Department Activities:

Campus Radio (English in the Air)
English Drama Competition

English Fun Days

English Language Camp

English on the Mini-stage

English Morning  Speeches

English-speaking Overseas Trip