Aims and Objectives


The secondary school mathematics curriculum continues the development of the learning of mathematics in the primary school. To enable students to cope confidently with the mathematics needed in their future studies, workplaces or daily life in a technological and information-rich society, the curriculum aims at developing students: 

  1. the ability to conceptualize, inquire, reason and communicate mathematically, and to use mathematics to formulate and solve problems in daily life as well as in mathematical contexts; 

  2. the ability to manipulate numbers, symbols and other mathematical objects;  

  3. the number sense, symbol sense, spatial sense and a sense of measurement as well as the capability in appreciating structures and patterns;

  4. a positive attitude towards mathematics and the capability in appreciating the aesthetic nature and cultural aspect of mathematics.


Curriculum Outlines:

To induce children to understand and grasp the knowledge of the following: 

  1. the directed numbers and the real number system;  

  2. the algebraic symbols to describe relations among quantities and number patterns; 

  3. the equations, inequalities, identities, formulas and functions; 

  4. the measures for simple 2-D and 3-D figures; 

  5. the intuitive, deductive and analytic approach to study geometric figures; 

  6. the trigonometric ratios and functions; 

  7. the statistical methods and statistical measures; 

  8. the simple ideas of probability and laws of probability



Ms Lam Sze Man (Panel Head)

Mr Wong Tsz Cheung (Assistant Panel Head)

Ms Chu Kit Ping

Ms Fan Siu Fung

Ms Ho Miu Chi

Mr Kwan Lap Sun

Mr Lee Yiu Chuen

Mr Leung Ka Tung

Ms Leung Lai Hung

Mr Ng King Lok

Mr Wan Ho Cheung

Mr Yeung Ming Ho


Department Activities: 

Maths Hi-flyer Team:

  • HKMO

  • IMO Preliminary Selection

  • Creative Problem Solving Competition

  • 保良局數學精英賽

  • 華羅庚數學邀請賽

  • 港澳盃

  • 華夏盃

Mathematics Society:

  • IQ Questions Challenge

  • Pi day

  • Math Puzzles

  • Rummikub Competition

Creative Math Club:

  • 4D Frame model making

  • Math Board games/ card games

  • Recreational Mathematics


Other competitions:

  • Hong Kong 4D Frame Math & Science Creative Competition      

  • Mathematics Book Report Competition