Physical Education



Physical Education 


Aims and Objectives:

Physical Education is “to educate students through physical activities”.  To achieve the aim of life-long and life-wide learning experiences for whole-person development in education, physical activity enhances students’ fitness level and cognitive control, and also contributes to their physical and mental health. It also nurtures students to develop proper attitude and correct values so that they will pursue a positive, active and healthy lifestyle.


Curriculum Outlines:

General PE

Junior Form (F.1-F.3) 

Schools should provide students with board and balanced learning experiences in the PE Key Learning Area (KLA). Junior students will learn the skills of Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Badminton, Table-Tennis, Basic Gymnastics and Physical Fitness within 3 years. 


Senior Form (F.4-F.6)

Students will learn Sports and Recreational  Management and the skills of Dodgeball, Dodgebee, Softball, Hockey, Flyball, Bowling, Tag Ruby and Tennis. 


HKDSE PE Elective (高中體育選修科)

Students will acquire the 9 learning aspects of HKDSE PE Elective, including History and Development (歷史和發展), Human Body(人體), Movement Analysis (動作分析), Fitness and Nutrition (體適能和營養), Exercise and Sports Training (運動與訓練), Sports Injuries (運動創傷), Psychological skills (心理技能), Social Aspects (社會影響), Sport and Recreation Management (活動管理) within these three years. 


The course includes core theory, different sports skills, and fitness training. 



Miss LUI Wai Yee

Miss LAM Miko 

Mr YU Chun Woon

Miss CHAN Wing Yee


Department Activities:

Major Sports Events 

Annual Sports Day, Swimming Gala ,Quincy Lui Cup ( Inter-House ball games competition) and PLK Quality Circle provide essential learning opportunities for students. A whole-school approach allows students to experience different roles in an organised sports function, which further enriches students’ learning in PE. 


Co-Curricular Activities 

Sports team trainings provide extended learning of the PE curriculum that encourage students to face challenges and enrich their life experiences. Students will have opportunities to join the following events every year. 

-The HKSSF Kwai Tsing District Inter-School Competition

-All Hong Kong / District-Based Inter-School Competition 

-PLK Affiliated Secondary Schools Joint Swimming Gala 

-PE Leadership Training Camp 

-Great Player Election 

-A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards 





83 Sports Team :

 Basketball Team

 Volleyball Team

 Badminton Team

 Fencing Team 

 Dodgeball Team 

 Kimball Team 

 Boys Football Team