Address: Cheung Hong Estate, Tsing Yi, N.T.
Location Map
Telephone: 2497 7110
FAX: 2431 1156
Web site:
Email: [email protected]


Ms. LAW Wing Chung [email protected]


Ms. CHEUNG Suk Yee [email protected]
Mr. KWAN Lap Sun [email protected]
Mr. CHAN Wai Kit [email protected]

Asst. Vice-Principals

Ms. CHEUNG SHUK Wah [email protected]
Ms. LEUNG Lai Hung [email protected]

SEN Coordinator
Ms. HO On Ki [email protected]

Faculty Heads
Chinese Faculty Ms. CHAN Nga Fun [email protected]
English Faculty Ms. LAU Shui Sun [email protected]
Mathematics Faculty Ms. LAM Sze Man [email protected]
Science Faculty Mr. CHAN Koon Yue [email protected]
Social Science Faculty Ms. LEUNG Hau Ling [email protected]
Technology and Arts Faculty Ms. CHEUNG Shuk Wah [email protected]
Liberal Studies/Citizenship & Soc. Dev. Faculty Ms. AU Mei Shan [email protected]

Department Heads
Executive Secretariat Department Ms. CHEUNG Suk Yee [email protected]
Academic Department Mr. CHAN Wai Kit [email protected]
Discipline Department Ms. MOK Wai Hing [email protected]
Career Guidance Department Ms. TAM Wai Yee [email protected]
Co-curricular Activities Department Mr. Yu Chun Woon [email protected]
General Affairs Department Ms. LAM Sze Man [email protected]
Information and Communication Technology Support Department Mr. KWAN Lap Sun [email protected]
Guidance Department Ms. Leung Lai Hung [email protected]
Registrar and Community Relation Department Ms. CHEUNG Shuk Wah [email protected]
Student Affairs Department Ms. LAM Tin Fung [email protected]
Civic Moral Nationalistic Sex Health & Environmental Department Ms. LEUNG Lai Hung [email protected]
Offshore Cultural Exchange Department Ms. CHAN Nga Fun [email protected]
Social & Voluntary Service Department Ms. FAN Siu Fung [email protected]

Our Teachers

Ms. AU Mei Shan [email protected] Ms. CHAN Hiu Ki [email protected]
Mr. CHAN Koon Yue, Wilson [email protected] Ms. CHAN Nga Fun [email protected]
Ms. CHAN Oliver [email protected] Ms. CHAN Suet Hung [email protected]
Mr. CHEUNG Chi Wa [email protected] Mr. CHEUNG Ka Ho [email protected]
Ms. CHEUNG Yee Shuen [email protected] Ms. CHOW Pui Yee [email protected]
Ms. CHU Kit Ping [email protected] Mr. Corey Allan SITAR [email protected]
Ms. FAN Siu Fung [email protected] Mr. FAN Tat Yuen Alan [email protected]
Ms. HO Miu Chi [email protected] Ms. HO On Ki [email protected]
Ms. HON Ho Yan [email protected] Mr. HUNG Hin Lung [email protected]
Ms. HUNG Ling Kwan [email protected] Ms. KEUNG Sau Ying [email protected]
Mr. LEUNG Chun Ho [email protected] Ms. LAI Tuen Lei [email protected]
Ms. LAM Miko [email protected] Ms. LAM Sze Man [email protected]
Ms. LAM Tin Fung [email protected] Ms. LAM Wai Sum Phoebe [email protected]
Mr. LAU Kin Chung [email protected] Ms. LAU Shui Sun [email protected]
Mr. LAW Man Wai [email protected] Ms. LEE Nga Fan [email protected]
Mr. LEE Yiu Chuen [email protected] Ms. LEUNG Hau Ling [email protected]
Mr. LEUNG Ka Tung [email protected] Mr. LI Kwong Tak [email protected]
Ms. LUI Wai Yee [email protected] Ms. MAK Yuet Ngor [email protected]
Ms. Mok Wai Hing [email protected] Mr. NG King Lok [email protected]
Mr. NG Wai Lun [email protected] Ms. PO Wing Sum [email protected]
Mr. POON Wing Hang [email protected] Ms. TAM Wai Yee [email protected]
Mr. TONG Wun Leung [email protected] Ms. TSUI Ka Mei [email protected]
Mr. WAN Ho Cheung [email protected] Mr. WONG Tsz Cheung [email protected]
Mr. YEUNG Ming Ho [email protected] Ms. YEUNG Suet Yan [email protected]
Mr. YU Chun Woon [email protected] Ms. YIU Yin [email protected]
Mr. YUEN Yiu Shing [email protected]

Total: 51 teachers